Old Cards From Other Collections

V&A An extensive collection from around the world
British Museum E167 Uncoloured sheet, late C17, 2 rows of cards
Jack of clubs marked "C Hewson"
British Museum E167a Two uncoloured sheets, late C17, one with red suits one black. Jack of Clubs marked "C Hewson"
British Museum E168 Four uncoloured sheets, late C17, 3 cards wide and 3 rows. Each has one suit's courts three times - Hearts, diamonds, spades twice. No Jack of clubs Present
Fitzwilliam, Cards by Marechal Two cards found in Trinity College, attributed to Pierre Maréchal, early 1600s.
Fitzwilliam, Cards by Beniere Cards found in Trinity College, Nicholas Beniere, mid 1600s.
Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards Cards by Blanchard in mint condition. A single example from an extensive collection of historic playing-cards from around the world.
Strangers Hall, Norwich Strangers Hall Norwich dates from the 14th century. Over the years it has amassed a collection of games, including more than 60 packs of playing cards.
The Cuming Museum Southwark The Cuming Museum has a fair-sized collection of English and European playing-cards. The link shows two hard-to-find early English Makers
The Ancient House Thetford Some very early court cards from the mid to late seventeenth century now kept at The Ancient House, Thetford, Norfolk.
Douce Collection, The Bodleian Library Uncoloured court cards from the Douce Collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford.