English Playing Cards

Series 'T': Twentieth Century and Beyond

Alphabetical by Maker (then by date for same maker)

T68 Jokers 1 by 52+J (2007)
T188 Muller 1978 150th by A G Muller (1978)
T116 AGM by A G Muller (2006)
T55 Standards by A L Fleming (1997)
T84 Standards by AGM Bridge (2006)
T295 Seasons Inverno Ed. by Alex Chin (2015)
T47 Standards by Alf Cooke (1935)
T52 Standards by Alf Cooke (1935)
T136 Rolls-Royce by Alf Cooke (1965)
T31 Standards by American PC Co (1900)
T239 Salmon Gluckstein by American PCCo cf L75 (1910)
T37 Amirayan by Amirayan (1940)
T42 Standards by Anchor (1987)
T29 Highland Terrier by Andersons (Edinburgh) (1935)
T202 The Deck of Cards by Andrew Jones (1979)
T158 Arpak by Arpak (1940)
T122 Standards by Arrow (2006)
T289 Prime by Art of Play (Newman) (2014)
T218 Standard by Baccarat (1975)
T159 Bass by Bass (2006)
T53 Standards by Berkshire (1935)
T241 Cardistry by Bicycle (2012)
T246 Black Ghost by Bicycle (2013)
T253 Dia de los Muertes (Black) by Bicycle (2015)
T254 Shadow Masters by Bicycle/Ellusion (2015)
T245 Gold by Blades (2015)
T50 Luxor by British PC (1920)
T51 Aspen by British PC (1920)
T62 Linesi by British PC (1920)
T222 Healthguard by C H Gee (1925)
T95 Standards by Cambissa (2006)
T24 Standards by Cape Times (1955)
T228 Ideal by Cape Times (1955)
T127 Brighton Pavilion by Carta Mundi (1975)
T198 Smythson by Carta Mundi (2002)
T139 Comic Karte by Carta Mundi (2005)
T113 Caravelle by Carta Mundi (2006)
T114 Stratus by Carta Mundi (2006)
T182 KLM by Carta Mundi ? (1970)
T221 Standard by Cartes Lion (2002)
T35 Standards by Casino (2006)
T61 Standards by Co-operative Society (1930)
T34 Comas by Comas (1970)
T147 Baraja de Toleso by Comas (1998)
T229 Frigo by Comas (2000)
T30 Standards by Congress (1910)
T293 At the table by Conjuring club (2015)
T124 Standards by Copag (1978)
T247 Amour Red by Coterie1902 (2015)
T215 Russian 150th anniv. by Cyrillic (1967)
T263 Florentine by Dal Negro (1980)
T264 Milanese by Dal Negro (1985)
T106 Standards by Dal Negro (1999)
T102 Standards by Dal Negro (2004)
T100 Standards by Dal Negro (2005)
T87 Standards by Dal Negro (2006)
T85 Standards by Dal Negro (2007)
T195 Prada by Dal Negro (2007)
T14 Russian by De La Rue (1870)
T18 Paris and London by De La Rue (1880)
T17 Bezique packs by De La Rue (1900)
T223 Standards by De La Rue (1900)
T224 McRobie by De La Rue (1900)
T226 Standards by De La Rue (1900)
T227 Standards by De La Rue (1900)
T11 Standards by De La Rue (1905)
T48 Standards by De La Rue (1905)
T167 Standard by De La Rue (1905)
T256 Pneumatic by De La Rue (1905)
T282 4th Quality by De La Rue (1905)
T15 Popular' by De La Rue (1910)
T278 Flaxette by De La Rue (1910)
T4 Prince of Wales by De La Rue (1914)
T16 Arf a Mo Kaiser by De La Rue (1914)
T277 Empire by De La Rue (1915)
T276 Johnnie Walker by De La Rue (1920)
T283 Standard by De La Rue (1920)
T12 Greek Ship by De La Rue (1925)
T7 Centenary by De La Rue (1932)
T260 Rufford for Boots Chemist by De La Rue (1935)
T2 De La Rue 5-Suit by De La Rue (1940)
T6 De La Rue Std. by De La Rue (1945)
T259 Society by De La Rue (1950)
T280 Crown by De La Rue (1950)
T134 Coronation QE 1953 by De La Rue (1953)
T275 Help Yourself by De La Rue (1955)
T9 DLR 125th by De La Rue (1957)
T3 Historic (Lion/Unicorn) by De La Rue (1960)
T5 Picard le Doux by De La Rue (1960)
T10 Comedia by De La Rue (1960)
T258 Standards by De La Rue (1960)
T130 FT by De La Rue (1965)
T142 FT by De La Rue (1965)
T156 Haberdashers by De La Rue (1965)
T230 Standards by De La Rue (1965)
T1 DLR 180th by De La Rue (2012)
T288 Flesh & bones by Deckstarter (2014)
T146 Simsons by DeLaRue? (1965)
T23 Whist by Dondorf (1910)
T86 Standards by Ducale (1977)
T60 Standards by Eagle Bros. (1955)
T292 Arcane (black ed) by Ellusionist (2014)
T44 Standards by Empire/DLR (1915)
T249 Tendril Nightfall by Encarded (2015)
T71 EPCS 25th Fuller by EPCS (2009)
T65 Bairnsforth by EPCS (2014)
T287 Chamelions by Expert (Alexander/ Wind) (2015)
T236 Les Printemps by Expert PCCo (2014)
T244 Encarded by Expert PCCo (2014)
T108 Type 777 by F X Schmid (2006)
T135 Ancient Street Scenes by Firenze (2012)
T285 Floral by Floral (2014)
T286 Golden Spike (Gold Ed.) by Fluent (2014)
T140 Fournier Wide Index by Fournier (1973)
T94 Standards by Fournier (1977)
T109 Standards by Fournier (1982)
T204 Venezuela by Fournier (1995)
T96 Standards by Fournier (2003)
T144 Quijote by Fournier (2005)
T38 Standards by Fournier (2006)
T63 Art for the Earth by Friends of the Earth (1994)
T272 Bavarian by FXSchmid (1950)
T197 Standard by Gacela (1975)
T97 Half Moon Jamaica by Gemaco (2012)
T118 Standards by Giraffe (1978)
T39 Golden Phoenix by Golden Phoenix (1974)
T27 Goodall G5.1 by Goodall (1900)
T72 Elfin by Goodall (1900)
T129 Bezique packs by Goodall (1900)
T28 Standards by Goodall (1910)
T80 Type 1909 by Goodall (1910)
T257 RAC Bezique by Goodall (1910)
T25 Linette by Goodall (1915)
T79 Boudoir by Goodall (1925)
T133 Scottie Dogs by Goodall (1935)
T76 Selfridges by Goodall? (1915)
T240 Bicycle UK by Goodall/London (1910)
T242 Standards by Goodall/London (1915)
T294 Pr1me Sketch by Grammiccioni (2015)
T175 Standards by Grimaud (1975)
T66 Louis XV by Grimaud (1978)
T211 Zac Anamorphic by Grimaud (1983)
T163 Cotta by Grimaud (1984)
T174 Grimaud L'An II by Grimaud (1986)
T173 Grimaud French en pied by Grimaud (1995)
T176 Hermes by Grimaud (2005)
T110 Standards by Grimaud (2006)
T90 Standards by Grimaud Std Paris (1977)
T81 Circle Bridge by Grimaud? (2006)
T184 Louis Vuitton by Grimaud? (2007)
T255 V2 by Handlordz (2014)
T213 Morden Facsimile by Harry Margery (1982)
T13 El Periquito by HdeA Comas (1930)
T165 Marfil by HdeB Fournier (1930)
T120 Standards by Heron (2006)
T93 Standards by Hoyle (1978)
T99 Standards by Hraci Karty (1982)
T194 Politics 1987 by Intercol (1987)
T141 Members 2000 by IPCS (2000)
T58 Isle of Man by Isle of Man (1900)
T91 Islenzk Spil by Islenzk Spil (1995)
T290 Voltige by J&H (2015)
T193 Pips in Proverbs by Jennifer Gurdon (2009)
T250 Luxx Black by JP PC Co (2015)
T166 El Toro by Juan Roura (1939)
T107 Standards by Kem (2003)
T101 Krakow by Krakow (2006)
T183 Pickwick by Kyd (1986)
T269 Laikerowane by KZWP (1990)
T235 Standard by La Espanola (2006)
T125 Standards by La Milano (2006)
T121 Serpentine by Legends (2012)
T41 Onida by Legends (2015)
T284 Fuego (luna) by Legends (2015)
T233 Standards by Lexington (1955)
T186 Q Victoria by Lo Scarabeo (2006)
T172 Goethe by Lo Scarbeo (2005)
T20 London Bridge Oslo by London Bridge Oslo (1955)
T273 Magyar by Luxus (1960)
T251 Mailchimp by Mailchimp (2015)
T75 Standards by Mercury (1940)
T19 Metro King India by Metro King India (1970)
T234 Standards by Mitchell (1900)
T266 Sarde by Modiano (1955)
T265 Piedmonte by Modiano (1960)
T262 Bresciane by Modiano (1965)
T267 Trentine by Modiano (1965)
T268 Triestine by Modiano (1980)
T187 Standards by Modiano (2005)
T89 Standards by Modiano (2006)
T104 Averna by Modiano (2007)
T169 Ferrari by Modiano ? (2006)
T252 Impressions by MPC (2014)
T216 Tarot by Muller (1975)
T70 Fournier Goodall Transf by Museo Fournier (2010)
T77 Seville 1647 by Museo Fournier (2010)
T170 Fournier Gangifa Facs. by Museo Fournier (2010)
T74 Crooked by NA (1976)
T138 Phillips Exeter Academy by NA (1978)
T212 Hanafuda Japanese by NA (1978)
T69 Black Pack by NA (1992)
T92 Brazilian, Rio by NA (1998)
T200 Ted Baker by NA (2014)
T112 Ramblers by National PC (1987)
T231 Columbia Whist NU10a by National PCCo (1900)
T203 Tiffany by Not stated (1980)
T40 Mascotte by NYCC (1978)
T88 Standards by Obergs (1975)
T33 Standards by Obergs (1981)
T115 Standards by Offasson (1998)
T145 Giant Anglo by Offasson (2005)
T103 Set of 104 by Offasson '104' (2006)
T191 Origins by Origins/ USPC (2014)
T54 Standards by Ormond (1955)
T261 Karty 25 by Oschodny (1975)
T36 Turkish by Oyun Kagidi (1977)
T98 Napoletane by Palermo Napoli (2015)
T8 Verdye by Peter Gurney (1910)
T271 William Tell by Piatnik (1975)
T171 Tallow Chandlers by Piatnik (1985)
T143 Grandpa Ollie by Piatnik (2003)
T192 Piatnik Symmetrical by Piatnik (2005)
T82 Standards by Piatnik (2006)
T119 Classic by Piatnik (2006)
T157 Ambras by Piatnik (2006)
T164 Traditional by Piatnik (2006)
T177 Hofamterspiel by Piatnik (2006)
T123 Piatnik 'Opti' by Piatnik (2007)
T111 Pokerkarten by Pokerkarten (2006)
T208 Oscar Wilde by R Ellman/ R Fanto (1986)
T168 Fat Pack by R H B Clough (1999)
T155 Engineers by Richard Edward (1998)
T154 Cutler Trust by Richard Edward (2004)
T153 Great 13 by Richard Edward (2013)
T219 Roussa 666 by Roussa? (1910)
T137 Royal Hawaii by Royal Hawaiian (1992)
T237 Baker by Russell RU8x - not matched (1925)
T220 Standards by Seneca (1915)
T217 Standard by SideCar (1945)
T248 Annica by Simon Prodes (2014)
T209 Hewson by Simon Wintle (1987)
T210 New Old Courts by Simon Wintle (1990)
T189 NSPCC by snapajack (2014)
T232 Penguin by SOIMCA (1999)
T21 Standards by Spicer Australia (2006)
T32 Standards by St George (1925)
T225 Fast Mail 44 Hoch SU 5a by Standard (1900)
T83 Standards by Swisscard (2003)
T179 Jass by Swisscard (2003)
T243 Double Black by Texas (2015)
T199 Dark Horse by Tim Burton (2013)
T270 Russian by TKM (1970)
T180 Karty do Gry by Trefl (2006)
T46 Standards by Universal (1925)
T22 Standards by Universal (1975)
T185 Ladbrokes by Universal? (1965)
T274 Spanish by Unknown (1936)
T279 Roxy by Unknown (1965)
T196 Roma by Unknown (1990)
T214 Rushton's Royals by Unknown (1995)
T64 Eames House of Cards by Unknown (1996)
T78 Old Huckleberry by Unknown (1996)
T201 Theakston by Unknown (2006)
T178 Holy Lands by Unknown (2008)
T128 Jack Daniels by Unknown (2012)
T190 Oracles by US Games (2010)
T105 Bee by USPC (2003)
T162 Bicycle by USPC (2006)
T161 Bicycle Fan Back by USPC (2010)
T291 Playing Arts by USPC (2015)
T296 Hotcakes by Uusi (2015)
T181 Key to the Kingdom by V&A Museum (1994)
T297 Vanda gold by Vanda (204)
T117 Vegas by Vegas (2006)
T238 Spring Summer 2015 by Virtuoso (2015)
T43 Standards by Waddington (1935)
T56 Standards by Waddington (1935)
T73 Fassett by Waddington (1935)
T131 Mallard and Pheasant by Waddington (1935)
T132 Canasta by Waddington (1935)
T57 Waddington's Par Contract by Waddington (1940)
T205 Waddington's 5-suit by Waddington (1940)
T207 Whisky Bridge Box by Waddington (1955)
T59 Standards by Waddington (1960)
T281 Luke & Spencer by Waddington (1965)
T206 Circular by Waddington (1975)
T67 Hector Trois by Waddington (1977)
T45 No. 1 by Waddington (1978)
T126 Braille by Waddington (1978)
T160 Bentley by Waddington SDP (2005)
T148 Bridge by WCMPC (1990)
T149 Whist by WCMPC (1990)
T150 Bridge by WCMPC (1999)
T151 Bridge by WCMPC (2007)
T152 ILBC 25th by WCMPC (2007)
T49 Standards by Williams (1910)
T26 Standards by Williams (1915)