US Playing Cards

English Pattern Cards manufactured in the USA and Canada.

For North American Cards the column of codes refers to types identified in The Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards by Tom and Judy Dawson.

Alphabetical by maker: Click on the links below...


plainbacks reference number and maker Date Estimate

Hochman Ref.

I61 American Manufacture 1845 U14?
I24 American PCCo 1895 L71a
I76 C Bartlett 1830 U7
I77 C Bartlett Am. Manf. 1830 U8
I42 Bay State 1900 SU28
I32 Card Fabrique 1886 L22
I55 Carmichael Jewett & Wales 1847 U35
I74 Casenave 1805 U33
I66 Caterson & Brotz 'Novelty' 1885 L36
I2 L I Cohen 1840 NY4
I91 L I Cohen Illuminated 1840 NY5
I64 L I Cohen 1862 NY3
I62 L I Cohen 1845 NY6
I1 Lawrence & Cohen 1863 NY10
I30 Continental 1872 U18c
I31 Continental 1875 U18
I90 Geo Cook 1835 not in
I3 Thomas Crehore 1820 U4
I20 Thomas Crehore 1820 U3
I49 Crehore 1820 U2
I23 Fake Crehor 1840 U5
I95 Defiance Canada 1885 CDN 38
I80 Andrew Dougherty 1850 AD1
I82 Andrew Dougherty 1855 AD1b
I73 Andrew Dougherty 1850 AD1c
I84 Andrew Dougherty 1858 AD1d
I81 Coughtry & Dougherty 1851 AD1f
I53 Andrew Dougherty 1860 AD2a
I72 Andrew Dougherty 'Excelsior' 1860 AD4

I65 Andrew Dougherty Illuminated

1865 AD3
I4 A Dougherty 1872 AD7
I88 Andrew Dougherty/ Dougherty backs 1872 AD7
I18 Andrew Dougherty piquet 1872 AD7
I37 Andrew Dougherty 1871 AD18b
I8 Andrew Dougherty 'triplicates' 1876 AD12
I100 Andrew Dougherty 1885 AD21a
I71 Andrew Dougherty 'triplicates' 1886 AD11
I67 Andrew Dougherty 'Indicators' 1896 AD15a
I98 Andrew Dougherty 'Indicators' 1896 AD15a
I27 Eagle 1871 L6
I45 Eagle 1877 L7
I35 Eagle 1895 AD51c
I25 Empire 1875 L45
I56 Emporium 1840 U34
I29 Eureka 1895 L49
I94 Jazaniah Ford 1815 U1d
I47 Nathaniel Ford 1840 U1
I78 Samuel Hart "Charles Bartlet" 1845 U14
I79 Samuel Hart Philadelphia 1849 NY27a
I40 Samuel Hart 1849 NY30
I93 Samuel Hart 1870 NY39a
I97 Samuel Hart 1870 NY39a
I14 Samuel Hart London Club 1875 NY36a
I34 Samuel Hart 1870 NY37
I15 Samuel Hart Pharo 1885 NY42
I16 Samuel Hart linen eagle 1885 NY42
I5 Samuel Hart 1885 NY42
I6 Samuel Hart 1885 NY42
I11 Hart Crown 444 1890 NY50
I104 Samuel Hart 1890 NY50
I83 Huestis & Levy 1855 NY20a
I75 J Y Humphreys 1816 U29a
I68 J Y Humphreys 1818 U27
I50 Jones & Co 1855 U30
I43 Knicker-bocker 1890 L38a
I19 Lawrence and Cohen 1860 NY8
I92 Lawrence, Cohen & Co 1860 NY8
I26 Lawrence and Cohen 1870 NY14a
I87 Lawrence and Cohen 1863 NY9
I54 Lawrence and Cohen  1869 NY13
I1 Lawrence and Cohen 1863 NY10
I44 Lawrence and Cohen 1870 NY14
I28 John J Levy 1850 NY17
I63 Jno J Levy/ Union 1855 NY21 ?sim
I86 Levy 1860 not in
I39 John J Levy 1865 NY18
I89 V Mauger 1873 U19
I69 V Mauger 1875 U19a
I48 Montreal Litho 1900 CAN CDN30
I33 National PCC 1885 NU5
I51 NY Card Factory 1872 NY46b
I41 NY Cons. 1870 NY46
I46 NY Cons. 1880 NY49
I99 NY Cons. 1880 NY49
I103 NY Cons. 1880 NY49
I36 NY Cons. 1885 NY50
I96 NY Cons. 'Elf' 1890 NY63
I17 NY Cons. 1900 NY60
I101 Perfection 1887 PU2
I105 Russell & Morgan Cabinet 1888 US12
I10 Russell Tourists 1886 US9c
I85 Strauss & Trier 1860 U27
I38 Union PC Co 1875 L44
I102 Union PC Co 1886 L40
I52 US Card Co 1885 MSW91d